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World's One of a Kind Anti-Theft Body Holsters

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All In One Anti Theft Body Holster Vest

T-tracs® All in One, No more worries about being pickpocketed or misplacing personal items. Why leave it to chance! Hold your passports and other personal items all in one place, safe, secure and accessible. The T-tracs® patented design is unisex, lightweight, functional, and designed to be used for all occasions. With the ability to wear under or over your garments.

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Our Mission

Our mission at T-tracs® is to help protect all our personal, professional, and electronic information you carry daily. Our goal is to ensure our customers do not fall victim to pickpockets or others who steal their information or electronics. T-tracs® goal is to make our customers feel safe, secure, and confident that their cellphone/devices will be charged ready to go.

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Comfort, Style, Security, and Accessibility

Slide, into the anti-theft communication station of the future! That snuggles your body with comfort and style. Your travel companion you can depend on, for your electronics and personal possessions.

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T-tracs Anti-Theft Body Holsters

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Designed With You In Mind

T-tracs® is the world's one-of-a-kind multi-functional anti-theft body holster/vest that organizes your electronics, charger, and personal possessions for use 24/7. Our patent design allows you to charged your electronics while holding your belongings safe, secure, and accessible.

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